lemon parmesan chicken

What can make a chicken breast more interesting?  This recipe takes chicken to a new level with the bite-y flavor of parmesan cheese offset by the freshness of lemon.  I used to prepare breaded chicken in a frying pan with vegetable oil.  Not only did it never feel healthy, or grown up, but was always really messy.  This recipe bakes the chicken in the oven rather than the pan, and still produces a lovely crust and wonderful flavor.  Actually, you can taste the lemon and the parmesan more since it is not overwhelmed with oil.  

Lemon parmesan chicken can be prepared and not cooked about an hour in advance, and then popped in the oven.  Make for a weekday dinner with friends or family, it is a crowd pleaser, especially for kids.


time.  prep 20 minutes, cooking 30 minutes

level.  easy

serves. 6 people


8 Chicken breasts, about 2-1/4 pounds

1 cup bread crumbs

3/4 cup Parmesan cheese

3 eggs

1 unwaxed lemon

Olive oil

Kosher salt


1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. On the bottom of a large baking dish, generously rub olive oil to prevent chicken from sticking.

3.  Gently pound chicken breasts to make thinner and more efficient to cook through properly.  Season with salt on both sides.  Set aside.

4.     In a bowl, grate the parmesan cheese and the lemon rind together. Set aside.


5.     In a medium size bowl, place breadcrumbs and add the cheese and lemon rind until blended. Set aside.

6.     Beat eggs in a separate medium size bowl.

7.     Dip the chicken into the eggs, shake a little, and follow with the breadcrumb mixture.  This step can be completed an hour in advance, just cover with cling wrap to avoid drying out.

8.     Place chicken on prepared baking dish and sprinkle each breast with a little more olive oil.

9.    Cook in oven for 30 minutes until both sides look well browned.  

10.  When ready to serve, squeeze ½ fresh lemon juice over the breasts.

12.  Garnish with fresh flat leaf parsley, basil or arugula and few few round slices of lemon.


Serve with fresh steamed broccoli and Orzo pasta seasoned with a little butter or a few tablespoons of pesto.