Bringing friends and family together for a great meal is what it is all about

Gathering around the table--whether for a cup of coffee and a slice of Victorian Sponge cake or an elaborate pasta lunch- is where we learn, share, laugh, joke and remember.  It can bring about some of the best moments in life and create our strongest memories.

Growing up in a large family consisted of Sunday lunches at my Italian grandmother's with at least 20 people coming and going over an entire afternoon.  My grandmother orchestrated it all without a great deal of fuss, and those memories formed the foundation for my love of food and entertaining.

I went on to work in the hotel and restaurant business both in Europe and the United States where grueling hours of hard work taught me to focus on the finest details.  After finishing a Master's degree at Cornell's School of Hotel Management, I worked in marketing strategy for a hotel company eventually leveraging my skills into the beauty industry.  But my love for food and entertaining and the crazy production of it all remained embedded in my heart. 

table+spoon is born out of a passion for planning, cooking and creatively thinking about how to bring my friends to the table.

I hope that my ideas, tips and tricks inspire you to not only entertain more but to become more confident cook and host.

So grab a spoon, mix in some laughter and a bit of good humor and let's make the most of being together.